Yorkshire based independent record label collective.

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Gin House Records is a collective of roots musicians based in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Started by 3 friends who lived together in what came to be affectionately known by visitors, friends and the occasional noise complaint officer as 'The Gin House'.


Tired of 'pay to play' gigs and lazy, greedy promoters the intention was to do everything independently. From recording and releasing, to gigging and touring,  all whilst retaining total artistic control and integrity.


The label intentionally doesn't make any profit, choosing to share all profit amongst the artists. It is collectively run by the roster in their spare time. A labour of love.


Despite being a small, DIY operation we have between us sold out gigs at Leeds finest venues, gained critical acclaim from international press and radio and toured all over the UK and mainland Europe.


Musical genres range through alt. folk, blues, jazz, surf, rock n' roll, ska, punk & world music but the DIY ethos is the element that ties us all together.




Welcome to Gin House Records, pour yourself a tall one.